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PCG’s Webinar “For Comparison’s Sake” In Review

PCG’s Public Safety Consulting Service (PSCS) team presented the webinar “For Comparison’s Sake!”, which takes a case example approach toward identifying data metrics, operational factors, financial impacts, and policy elements that could all be utilized as relative comparable points from within – and outside of – fire and EMS departments

Is Your Department Ready for a Medicaid Audit?

Many of PCG’s ambulance clients across the country are familiar with state Medicaid agency desk reviews. These pre-payment reviews help identify reporting errors that could result in overpayment of supplemental Medicaid revenues to providers. Recently, supplemental payment programs in several states have implemented more in-depth audits, generally post-payment, that require


Ground Ambulance Providers are Officially on the CMS Clock to Start Collecting Data

Authors: Rachel Ray and Sarah DiCicco   A Brief History of Medicare In 1965, Medicare was signed into law under President Lyndon B. Johnson. In 1966, Medicare was officially implemented and around nineteen million individuals enrolled in the program during that first year. In the 1970s, Medicare eligibility was expanded

Comparable Differences: Apples and Oranges When Comparing Fire Departments

Author: Tim Nowak *Published to the International Association of Fire Chiefs on February 2nd, 2022*   My department, your department, and another neighboring department — are we all comparable to one another, or are we truly different (and how)? Is your fire department an apple or an orange? Where do

Act Now! Grant Funding Available for Rural EMS Agencies

Author: Tim Nowak   The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is offering rural EMS agencies the opportunity to apply for grant funding, up to $200,000 for one year, to provide training and necessary equipment to help combat the effects of substance abuse and emergency response challenges within

Bringing the New Year into Focus with 3 Resolutions

Author: Tim Nowak (3-4 minute read) Eat a little less junk food, lose a little excess body weight, save money for a family trip… we’ve all made New Years’ resolutions similar to these before, right? On a personal level, these are the generic, cookie-cutter responses that come into our minds

Fire Apparatus (Non-Ambulance) Transports – Priority #1 for 2022

Author: Tim Nowak (3-minute read) COVID-19 aside, the consideration over whether fire apparatuses (not ambulances) can or should transport patients to hospitals will top headlines as a highly contentious practice as we progress in 2022 and it should be your #1 priority item as a fire chief entering this new

Medicare Ground Ambulance Data Collection Survey…Ready, Set, Collect!

PCG is proud to offer the ambulance community with support services for the Medicare Ground Ambulance Data Collection survey. Thank you to all of those who were able to attend the webinar event live on December 15th. We feel that the information presented in the webinar was well received and

6 Take-Aways from NHTSA’s Lights & Sirens Use

Author: Tim Nowak (2-3 minute read) “Primum non nocere – first, do no harm.” This is the opening sentence in the 2017 report produced for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Office of Emergency Medical Services (EMS)*. This study examines the use of lights & siren (L&S) by ambulances.

“These are unprecedented times”

Author: Charley Hurley (3-minute read)   It’s a phrase that many people say they’re sick of hearing and yet, the statement is quite profound when you really consider all that this country has been through over the past two years. “These are unprecedented times.” America has exited from its longest