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Ambulance Deserts: Unveiling the High Stakes of Timely Medical Care

Author: Emily Singh For every American, the phone number 911 signals a promise: a direct line to critical, often life-saving care. In the most populous cities, emergency response time can be as short as 9 minutes and 23 seconds (source). For rural Americans, emergency dispatch often takes upwards of 30

October is National Fire Prevention Month!

October is Fire Prevention Month, and it is a time to raise fire safety awareness. Fire Prevention Month takes place in October every year and occurs in conjunction with Fire Prevention Week (October 8th – 14th). The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) created Fire Prevention Month in memory of the

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Committed to Supporting Women in the Fire and EMS Industry

Author: Michelle Silvestre At Public Consulting Group (PCG) we strive for an equitable and inclusive workplace. One organization furthering these efforts in the Fire and EMS space is Women in Fire which is an interactive non-profit network that provides education, support, and advocacy for fire service women. Did you know

Pay Tribute to Fallen EMS Members: National EMS Memorial Service

Author: Valerie Palmeri While there are memorials and organizations that recognize fallen law enforcement and firefighters, there was a gap in EMS providers being recognized for their valiant efforts throughout their career. In 1991, the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads (VAVRS) set out to correct this by recognizing EMS

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AI in the EMS World

Author: Lauren Cantley AI has made a serious mark on the world once Chat GPT was announced near the end of 2022. Ever since becoming a hot topic, its popularity has only grown. However, there is more to AI than using it to dictate text or summarize literature. The article

Combating Fire & EMS Financial Constraints with Medicaid Supplemental Payment Programs

Author: Kendal August Primary EMS Challenges Amidst surging inflation and the rising cost of living, EMS departments find themselves in a critical condition. This article centers on the funding-related challenges faced by departments around the country and highlights the significance of obtaining adequate financial support through the Ambulance Supplemental Payment


Recruitment Tips to Combat EMS Staffing Crisis

Author: Kyrstyn Paulat Recruitment and retention are among the top challenges identified by emergency medical services (EMS) agencies today. To combat this challenge, organizations must recognize that finding qualified candidates who satisfy the experience, skill, and education requirements has a direct correlation with the hiring outreach and incentive offers. Consistency

2023 National EMS Week Recap

Author: Lauren Cantley This year, we celebrated the 49th anniversary of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week. EMS Week was originally authorized by President Gerald Ford on November 4, 1974, for the week of November 3rd–10th. Starting in 1992, EMS Week moved to the third week of May. This week of

Team-driven Improvement in the Use of Lights and Sirens

Originally posted on March 14, 2023 Author: Brian Maloney and Mike Taigman Plum EMS of Pennsylvania has a track record of making meaningful improvements. From doubling their intubation success rate, to producing consistent top-tier customer satisfaction, this team knows how to produce results. Of the 12,000 calls they have

Today’s Biggest EMS Department Challenges

Author: Lauren Cantley In February 2023, PCG sponsored a webinar with NAEMT & ICMA-CPSM titled, “EMS in Critical Condition – Analysis of National Survey on EMS Economics and Operations”, which was attended by over 350 EMS leaders, as well as municipal and county officials. The webinar explored the scope of