PCG’s Webinar “For Comparison’s Sake” In Review

PCG’s Public Safety Consulting Service (PSCS) team presented the webinar “For Comparison’s Sake!”, which takes a case example approach toward identifying data metrics, operational factors, financial impacts, and policy elements that could all be utilized as relative comparable points from within – and outside of – fire and EMS departments or agencies. Fire and EMS chiefs, directors, and administrators throughout the country attended and capitalized on this webinar’s “consultancy mindset” and direct insight.

Let’s say your fire department wanted to explore a new deployment plan for addressing certain call types, what information would you need to know or present as comparisons and what could happen within your own department? Or, how about your department’s strategic or master plan, what local or statewide communities would be considered as appropriate comparable agencies for your department to benchmark against?

Data can be found on fire departments and EMS agencies throughout the country but is all of it comparable to your own department? If you’re not sure, then check out the recording from PCG’s webinar! The information presented will help guide you down the right path. If you find that your department is in need of a consulting firm to assist with some of the “heavy lift”, our PSCS team would be ready to step in.


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