Grant Opportunities

PCG understands that departments are in need of additional funding to support operations. We have also bared witness to the hundreds of thousands of dollars that go unclaimed each year in grant opportunities. What is the disconnect? What are the hardships in applying for grants? That is what PCG would like to get to the bottom of. While we continue to put forth effort in educating Fire and EMS departments about what opportunities match their needs and structure, our goal is to provide real information in real time. Accordingly, we have created a list of private/foundation opportunities available today for Fire and EMS agencies.

In addition, PCG and NAEMT hosted a live session on how to prepare for EMS grant opportunities on April 27th. This virtual event covered how to successfully locate grants and the different types of grants that exist, provided an overview of the grant process, shared knowledge on the required data and information needed for applications, and included best practices to increase success. You may view the presentation here, NAEMT Webinar #1_4.27 Grant Opportunities Final.

Below you may find a handout on possible grant opportunities for Fire, EMS and EMTs.

Grant Opportunities

If you are interested in these available opportunities but need support in the application process or require assistance in locating additional funding resources, PCG would be pleased to support your department. To meet with one of our experts, schedule a free 15-minute consultation using the below button.

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