Recruitment Tips to Combat EMS Staffing Crisis

Author: Kyrstyn Paulat

Recruitment and retention are among the top challenges identified by emergency medical services (EMS) agencies today. To combat this challenge, organizations must recognize that finding qualified candidates who satisfy the experience, skill, and education requirements has a direct correlation with the hiring outreach and incentive offers. Consistency and competitiveness are imperative to attract and retain top talent. Advertising online and creative incentives are a few effective approaches your agency can take to get ahead of the recruiting game.

Leveraging Online Recruiting Through Different Platforms

Online recruiting is a great way to find EMS staff. Advertising a job posting through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other online applications are likely to extend your outreach to a large audience. The different platforms can also be used to showcase your culture and involve your staff. Engaging people through social media and creating a larger online presence can lead to increased applicants as well. Additionally, social media is typically at no cost to you and your agency. Please know, however, social media can also present some risk to recruitment. For example, if your content and job advertising are unprofessional or lacking in quality, it can potentially have a negative impact on your outreach. Always ensure to be thoughtful with your advertising and overall messaging!

Increasing Benefits to Stay Competitive

An EMS study illustrated that an effective strategy for retain employees is to provide a transparent trajectory for salary growth. In EMS agencies, maintaining consistent raises amidst diverse obligations and contracts can be challenging. However, reallocating budgets to introduce pay incentives has shown to enhance employee retention. Whether these salary increases are linked to education, performance, tenure, or other factors, offering attractive financial rewards is very advantageous.

A recent EMS trend survey also reported compensation packages are key issues impacting retention and reasoning for staff leaving their current employer, but there are also additional benefits that agencies have been exercising to stay competitive. Tuition reimbursement, paid training, free certifications, and investment in employee engagement are some examples. Work life balance and diverse opportunities with a sense of purpose has also been shown to increase retention, specifically with Millennials and Generation Z.

Increasing revenue and reallocating funds in budgets to fit the needs of EMS agencies is always a pressing matter, no matter how much local revenue, grants, or other means of funding is available. However, PCG is an expert in cost recovery, EMS funding, and other reimbursement options. Please let us know how we can help you by providing financial solutions to your agency so you can help recruit and retain the best staff!


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