Post-pandemonium COVID-19 Pandemic Analysis

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, states across the country hustled to implement public health strategies to combat the spread of the virus with limited resources. In the aftermath of the pandemonium, our subject matter experts at PCG worked with departments, cities, towns, etc. to compile after action reports that contain information about contact tracing, testing coordination, and vaccine mandate compliance.

One such report published in June 2021 by the city of Burlington, Vermont entitled COVID-19 Pandemic After Action Report, provides data supporting eight key principles to document the lessons learned during the pandemic.  Benefits can be gained from the analysis of various reports and data collected during the pandemic including COVID Act Now which discloses vaccine and case tracking data. Another emergency-preparedness report that covers crucial challenges caused by COVID-19 published by the National Homeland Security Consortium (NHSC) and entitled COVID 19 Pandemic After Action Report, June 2021, shares a comprehensive analysis of gaps in preparedness, failures in communications, and methods of instituting a stronger unified response.

Click here to read the full compilation of approaches and responses our PCG team has cataloged during our time with clients amid the COVID-19 pandemic. PCG’s COVID-19 team and Emergency Medical Services team are available to assist with developing supplementary after-action reports. For more information about how we can support COVID-19 after-action planning, please email us at

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