FEMA Funding

FEMA Funding

Under the Public Assistance Grant Program, state, local, tribal and territorial government entities, and certain private nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for reimbursement of emergency protective measures taken to respond to the COVID-19 emergency. 911 and emergency medical services (EMS) agencies (including fire service, third government service, and certain private nonprofit services) may be reimbursed for certain costs related to the COVID-19 response.

Costs covered under this program include emergency medical care of COVID-19 patients, emergency operations centers, facilities, meals, medical supplies, medical testing vaccination, personal protective equipment (PPE), responder housing, staffing, and training. FEMA assistance will be provided at 75 percent federal cost share. Costs must be documented appropriately and submitted to FEMA to receive these grant funds.

UPDATE: On September 1, 2020, FEMA released its interim policy on work eligible for public assistance as a result of the COVID-19 emergency. The interim policy applies to the eligibility of work performed on or after September 15, 2020. More information is available here.

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